SimIS Autonomous Maritime System

Outfitting Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV) for Reconnaissance, Interdiction and Threat monitoring


SimIS developed the “SimIS Autonomous Maritime System” (SAMS) to meet the United States Navy’s strategic planning and fleet objectives for 2020. SAMS provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based software and networking capability on an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV) platform, like those created by Marine Advanced Research. The SAMS is a cost-effective way to integrate Reconnaissance, Interdiction and Threat monitoring components into a single system package.

SAMS will augment ASV platforms to deliver enhanced steady-state and surge capability to help deter the enemy at the regional, transnational, and global levels.  The ASVs are highly automated and reduce communication/data exchange requirements and operator loading. They can deploy and retrieve devices, gather, transmit, or act on all types of information, and engage targets with minimal risk or burden to US and Coalition Forces. SAMS enabled vessels can be used to secure and patrol ports and borders.

SAMS provides:

  • Temperature monitoring for each battery, motor, and servo
  • Monitoring of each motor’s exact output, and the servo's rotational position
  • Object detection from both LIDAR and Camera systems, as well as object data composited from the two
  • Up to date positional data based on the GPS, including object location in relation to the vessel

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