Human Type Targets

Mobile, four wheeled, robotic trackless targets for the military marksmanship training markets and beyond


The HTT system is a mobile, trackless smart target that provides more realistic moving training targets. HTT isn’t constrained to certain parts of the range and is deployable in a wide range of operating environments and terrain.  The system is autonomous, featuring the ability to preprogram scenarios with technology to capture data such LOMAH for both instant feedback to the trainee as well as AAR built in.  


  • Current solutions for mobile targets are limited
  • Little on‐board intelligence capable of supporting a realistic training experience
  • Lack of sensor support
  • Limited user controls
  • Target data limited to observational skills and tactical abilities of the control crew


  • 3D torso uses self‐healing ballistic polymer and covered with training specific clothing
  • Preprogram scenarios supports data capture such as Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)
  • Torso resets to the raised position remotely requiring no human intervention
  • Behavioral Logic and Control Module (LCM)
  • Manually operated or fully autonomous or operate within scenario defined geospatial boundaries
  • On Demand Remote Control Module
  • Supports Geospatial Infrastructure and Standards for Autonomous Vehicles levels I through 4
  • Complies with IEEE 1872 standard for robotic and automation ontologies and NIST robot message language guidelines


  • Stability on all types of terrains (indoor and outdoor, wet and dry, paved and unpaved)
  • Easily interchangeable mount
  • Provides Smart Targets
  • Dynamic interactive scenarios involving both groups of targets and civilian robots
  • Modular Design and Development
  • Exhibits human like behaviors and reactions
  • Reacts to various levels of engagement
  • Differentiates between lethal hits, non-lethal hits, and near misses

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