DoDAF-Driven Modeling and Simulation model integration diagram

Modeling & Simulation

SimIS has developed an innovative approach that couples vast operational experience in cognitive systems engineering to create robust, open standards based modeling and simulation capabilities, providing a suite of executable models and simulation capabilities.

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Autonomous Solutions

SimIS has developed autonomous platforms that will continue to become more important to mission effectiveness and the safety of future warfighters. SimIS also understands that the battlefield is still controlled by C2 devices, so the interoperation and clear understanding of software applications (M&S systems) and unmanned platforms will become critical to achieving this vision.

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Cybersecurity artwork


Whether your organization requires a network vulnerability assessment, network penetration test, wireless network assessment, web application assessment, or a customized service offering, SimIS will ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

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Test and Evaluation

SimIS is a trusted leader in the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) community who has formed a strong partnership with DoD and DHS to ensure successful execution of T&E support. Our team encompasses talented T&E service and program management professionals who deliver a team of highly qualified T&E specialists skilled in the latest operational test capabilities supporting OT&E standards. SimIS is customer-focused, accountable, and leverages the best industry practices in OT&E for new or emerging technologies to support the management, experimentation, and strategic business planning needs of organizations within government, business, and industry.

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Government Services

SimIS’s contracts portfolio is managed to provide affordable, flexible and expeditious delivery of service and system solutions to clients across the federal government. They cover acquisition, indefinite delivery and quantity (IDIQ), task orders and blanket purchase agreements.

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Medical Solutions

SimIS is improving the features and functionalities that will advance the quality of care for patients while: improving workflow, accelerating reimbursement turnaround and providing decision-making tools for accurate medical diagnosis. SimIS began its approach to the medical arena in late 2011 with patent pending technology that will lead to its commercial growth and strong market share in early 2014.

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Mobile Apps and Websites

From concept to development, SimIS provides customized mobile apps and interactive websites to our clients across a variety of industries. We've built SimIS CMS, an agile, enterprise Open Source content management system (CMS).

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