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From concept to development, SimIS provides customized mobile apps and interactive websites to our clients across a variety of industries.

Mobile Apps and Websites

App development lifecycleSimIS has developed SimIS CMS, an Agile, Enterprise, Open Source Content Management System (CMS) to host your websites and mobile apps. SimIS CMS uses modern capabilities as the basis for the websites and applications created.

SimIS CMS is packed with tools for managing content, designing page layouts, creating mailing lists, and integrating with services. Features include built-in analytics, custom forms, data collections and directories, search, maps, blogs, documents, self-hosted videos, calendars, wikis, e-commerce, collaboration, and more!

Organizations make ongoing improvements and updates to their websites without relying on an engineering team. For those with a strong need to work at the developer level, our enterprise-class CMS allows your team to integrate at the API-level, code level, or higher up with the flexible web-based toolset and components.

SimIS’ experienced team along with the capabilities of SimIS CMS, gets us started quickly on your idea, keeping expectations in the realm of reality, and sticking with your initial vision for optimal functionality and user experience. We provide a custom development experience and product, while improving upon the typical time and total costs involved.

City of Portsmouth Economic Development Website

The City of Portsmouth, Virginia Economic Development website is a modern Economic Development Organization (EDO) website which extends beyond basic content management, with animations, commercial property searches, a business directory, and document management for finding meeting agendas, minutes, and videos. SimIS CMS was used to enable new ways of reaching prospects, residents, and business owners.

Screenshots of the Portsmouth Economic Development mobile app

The Portsmouth SAIL App innovates showcasing key properties in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia by allowing dynamic access to site location and site information in Portsmouth. Users are able to filter by address, street, acres, square footage, and zoning. SimIS CMS provides GIS data to the app and serves as a conduit for prospects to reach out to representatives. The app fully works offline when network connectivity is not possible.

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