SimIS at Don Carey’s 2018 Reech foundation STEAM Camp Event

SimIS has done it again! SimIS Inc. brought innovation and creativity to the community this weekend by partnering with former Lions NFL player, Don Carey and his Reech Foundation. As a part of one of the initiatives of the foundation, Carey and his wife Lakeisha, sponsored a free STEAM Camp and Football day event at Carey’s alma mater, Norfolk State University. This event was held for youth between the ages of 5-17 and was partnered with businesses whose technologies spotlighted science, technology, education, arts, and mathematics. 

SimIS was among the popular stations at the event due to our AIMS CPR technology. This simulation was a great stopping point for the kids to interact with because not only did they obtain information about the company and education on Cyber Security, but they were able to learn and engage with an important life skill in giving CPR. The technology allowed the children to see themselves on the screen performing CPR on our test dummy and get a rating on their technique as well as if they actually saved the person. The fun part for most of the kids was their “attempt,” to save the patient. It was a great experience to engage the children in a hands-on activity that gave them an invaluable skill.

All our participants were awarded SimIS swag items such as cups, drink holders, and key chains. This event was a huge success and we are looking forward to greater partnerships and further outreach in the community.

Written by Victoria Blow

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